I develop an OpenGL application for QNX and I would like to use GLut for keeping portable. I installed the Photon 3D package and then I found glut.h in /usr/include but I didn’t found a .lib or .so for Glut.
Does anyone knows where I can find a compiled library for GLut? Is there a Photon implementation of Glut or must I install X?
If someone has an OpenGL example using directly Photon I would be very interested!


Last year I managed to get all the OpenGl stuff ported running in software mode with Xphoton. It was really slow, but it worked for what I was trying to test - I wouldn’t recommend that approach unless speed was not an issue at all.

On the good news side, 6.3 comes with OpenGL native in Photon. There is even some hardware support - primarily for a couple embedded video chipsets (no desktop hardware video support yet). So depending on what you are trying to do, waiting for 6.3 may be an answer.


OK, thank you rick. So I will do it with Photon

Did you ever find a way to get glut running on QNX? I am testing qnx 6.3 and there is no libglut as far as I can tell? I do have a demo version of the 3D TDK and can compile an opengl program but not a glut program.