Software to burn CD's

I’d would like to know if exits any software to burn cd’s and also what CD Recorder’s are compatible with QNX …

Thanks for your help

There is an experimental cdrecord package on, and i have also packaged cdr-tools, which includes cdrecord,mkisofs etc. So far there isnt a photon native front end available that i know of for burning cd’s, but i whipped up a little bash script to make burning cd’s on QNX easier. Both can be found at :smiley:

thanks for your help, I’m going to try the tools …

Note: QNX uses device names for cd drives. So you would do something like this… cdrecord dev=/dev/cd0 or /dev/cd1 blah blah file.iso.

It works really well too. :slight_smile:

What does? The package or the script? And what ever happened to that “killerBurn” front end you where thinking about making last year? :smiley:

I have not bothered since the QNX box with the CDR is headless. :slight_smile: