Printing to PCL printers under embedded QNX

Hi everyone,

Within an embedded application under QNX, is it possible to print to a HP PCL compatible Ethernet printer, such as the popular HP LaserJet?

If so, where can I find driver? It is obvious that HP will not provide any driver for the QNX OS.

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Maybe this would help… … o-pcl.html

Thank for the reply. If I understand well, this command is used to convert from PHS to PCL.

Under QNX, I want to write an application to capture PCL printer output stream data from the Centronic cable of another computer (NT4), then reformat the captured data to be IP packets and transfer these packets to an IP-enabled printer.

Is this feasible?



Sure, why not? You won’t be able to use the default parallel port driver (it assumes the data is going out), but you should be able to talk to the hardware, read the incoming data, repackage it and send it to the printer.

The fact the data is PCL is probably not relevant.

Seems like a lot of hassle, but if you need to do it, then it should be possible.


QNX has “lpd” which should let you “talk” to those network printers.