QNX windows... setting 1024x678 and 256 colors

I need configure a QNX 4.25 PC, and I need configure QNX windows as 1024x768 and 256 colors… When I upgrade the QNX 4.25 , I lost the resolution 1024x678 and the 256 colors… I don´t know How configure this in order to get that high resolution…
The video card is S3 Virge/Gx and I using the same driver than before of the QNX upgrading.
Do I need configure the video using other driver??? What can I do??

What graphics driver are you using? “sin -Pgr” to find out.
I think the basic “gr.vga” won’t give you anything beyong 800x600. You have to use the specific drivers for your chip, or the SciTech driver (has that ever been released?). I remeber there is a -g 1024x768 option that you can play with. Do a “use gr.xxxx” to find out more options.

I run the following driver on sysinit.1

/windows/bin/gr.vesa2 -g1024x768 &

This worked OK on old machine with older than QNX 4.25 version.

it must failed with 4.25 then.
you could slay and restart it manually once the system is up. watch the error message when you start it.