Hi all,

i’ve just seen qnx a couple days back for the first time and i’m trying to figure out how to install phindows on the qnx machine and on a windows machine for a remote session. i haven’t had any luck… moreover, i still can’t figure out how and where to look for the phindows.exe file that the manual talks about.
i dont even know how to access a cd drive on qnx…

someone plz help!

Im not sure but i think phindows is only available to paying customers and isnt available for the NC versions, or was removed from NC awhile back. As for accessing a cd drive its located in /fs. Put a cd in the drive then open the file manager (pfm) and it should be under /fs/cd0 or /fs/cd1.

on qnx machine you have to configure phrelay service, edit /etc/inetd.conf to enable phrelay service and run inetd daemon on qnx machine

on windows machine you have to install phindows, however you must buy phindows from a qnx sales rep.

or, on qnx machine you can connect via phditto, which is phindows equivalent in native qnx photon

I have been now able to connect thanx to cdm and julius. I logged in and the qnx machine’s desktop appeared on my screen but the windows open on the qnx machine din’t show up. Now, the screen just freezes on the qnx desktop. i can’t do anything. cmd suggested that there’s somehting wrong with my inetd.conf file. is there anyone who could post or mail me his working inetd.conf file.