Xtang, 我发给xtang@canada.com的邮件总是被退回,我不知道咋办。

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你发送到xtang@canada.com的邮件由于以下原因被退回 : SMTP error, first message: 555 access denied
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See your QQH

QQH? what is it? and where and how to change it?

Kind friend SPEAKER send me the utility “dfs”, and I can open it in my QNX3.21, but I cann’t use it correctly.

Please put a example to teach me to use it. If you havw the materail about how to use dfs, pls kindly give me.

Much thanks.



Speaker给了我一个dfs, 在QNX3.21下可以读到,但运行dfs后,系统提示“Unable to create DFS administrator task–administrator program not found”.