Samba 3.0x

Has anyone had any success in porting Samba 3.0x to QNX 4.25 ? Or does anyone know if it is at all possable to port this over (how much estimated work) ?

Thank you.

rick is the expert on Samba and QNX 4 porting.
(not our rick , but Rick Lake )
You might want to check with him.

Thank you for your reply, I’ll let you know the outcome of this query =))

I’m also looking for an update of samba for QNX4.25 , I’m presently using 1.9.

Anyone kwow a link to download the latest version of samba for QNX4.25?

After asking Rick Lake if a port had been done the answer was no. We no longer require a newer version of Samba so I was unable to determine if the port was simple to perform.