Setting up linker's option to build a PhAB DLL

Hi all,

any one knows how to set options in IDE to build a DLL from a PHAB applications ?

is it :

LDFLAGS+=-shared -Wl, -Bsymbolic
SDFLAGS+=-shared -Wl, -Bsymbolic

any way to do this in IDE instead of changing the makefile ?


I’ve managed to found the way when i’ve compare the directory structure between a C Library Projet and a Phab Project. I’ve notice in the Library project, under the X86 directory, there are 2 subdirectory named so and so-g (release and debug). So, you can copy theses 2 subdirectory in the C Photon app builder project or juste make new directory and create a makefile with #include …/

After that, when you right click on the project and open properties dialog, you’ll notice an new Tab named Library :slight_smile:

I’ve received a mail from QNX technic support after i found that saying these features are broken in momentics 6.2.1 and it will be fixed in 6.3.