Where can I find DDKs for QNX Neutrino 6.2?

I need that ddk for developing a Input-driver,but I can’t find it in www.qnx.com or other place,So,can someone give me some help?Thanks!

BTW,I’m downloading qnxpub621.iso,can I find that ddk in it?

I bet you will find it in that ISO.

a,ha,that’s very nice.

It seemed that you are always online,:slight_smile:

I’m sure you are right.
I come here everyday.

qnxpub621.iso is the 3rd party application CD. It doesn’t contain the DDK.

DDK is on your original QNX CD (the one you used to install QNX). Just put that CD back to the CD Drive, launch the installer and select to install the QNX Momentics for x86. Once that’s done, you should see the DDK in /usr/src directory.

我用package mgr安装input ddk的时候,它老是崩溃,ddk的其他部分就不会,我注意到几个出错的那几个大小是0,难道光盘上没有?(我用的是openqnx上的442M的完全6.1版)



eaxctly,when you are in windows hosted,the ddk for input is under $QNX_TARGET/usr/src/ddk-6.2.1/input,or when you are in selfhosted,what you expected is under /usr/src/ddk-6.2.1/input

the driver developing kits of QNX are really something,you can just only focus on the hardare you care of,the DDK has done most things for you,after you having read the source code(instead of the document),you will enjoy them.

ls /fs/cd0 ?