qtalk w/QNX6.2.1B

Is there a problem transferring files with the qtalk shipped with 6.2.1B?
If I try, qtalk bombs out with resource unavailable message.

I’ve met the same question under QNX 6.2.1a, all settings of serial ports are defaults as installed . qtalk can send and receive characters normally but can’t send or receive file, what’s the problem? Should I use the full zmodem line but not only 2-3,3-2,5-5 cables to connect serial ports? Hardware flow control is disabled.
stty -ihflow -ohflow </dev/ser1
Thanks a lot for your help!

To transfer any file in QNX you need to use “sendnto” application.

The command will be :

#sendnto -b -d

To get more details and options try this:

#use sendnto

Thanks for help.
Though sendnto can only transfer a OS image made by mkifs, how could the remote device receive it as a file?

If using hyperterminal under windows. inputs in qtalk can displayed in hyperterminal and inputs in hyperterminal also can displayed in qtalk, but if I try to send a file by qtalk with zmodem protocol, error occurs:
sh: sz $FILENAME <$MODEM >$MODEM :no such file
then return to serial type.
$which sz
can’t find sz. Could anyone help? thanks a lot!