ARGH - network card not detected..

I browsed throughout the forum, but it would seem i need a new thread.

I have a d-link DFE-538TX network card. The official QNX hardware support says it supports the DFE-530+ model and basically nothing else.

The card is of course not detected, there is no eh entries in the dev/io-…something directory, etc. The troubleshooting said i have to run the nettrap command to see what is going on. However there is no such thing on my QNX 6.2.1. I even did a search for it.

Of course, i’ve used QNX for a while before, however with a modem. I need the network connection, or wouln’t have much use of it. Now is there any chance of me making that card work with it or … I don’t want to go and buy a new, supported one, because this one works fine enough. In every other OS i’ve used that is…

Good, so i should try starting a different driver then? Forgive my noobishness with this one, but my QNX knowledge has certain limits and one of them is hardware - for me it is supposed to be there working ;+) I’m a poor software freak and drivers make me look funny and staw away from them.

Run the command “pci” and post the ethernet section here.