Audigy drivers?

So at one point I read on these board that someone was going to work on getting Audigy drivers functioning on QNX. I thought I’d check in and see if that went anywhere.

I find it interesting that Linux, FreeBSD -CURRENT, and even BeOS all have two sets of Audigy drivers, and yet QNX is planning on dropping the sblive driver from 6.3.0 :slight_smile:

Unless QNX can get official spec, they won’t do a driver. They won’t based on a design on reverse enginering. QSS has a few laywers ;-)

As do SuSE (who pay some of the Alsa developers who worked on the Audigy drivers), Mandrake, RedHat, etc. all of whom distribute Audigy drivers. Let’s not forget that Creative, themselves, have released GPLed drivers for the Audigy under Linux. As long as the GPL is followed, there’s no legal reason those drivers couldn’t be used as the basis for Audigy drivers under any other operating system.

And while legal concerns may possibly be the reason behind the lack of Audigy drivers (unlikely but possible), it seems even less likely to be behind the removal of SB Live! drivers from 6.3.0. If QSS is concerned about having the official specs, one would assume that they already have them for the emu10k1 chipset. Why, then, aren’t the Live! drivers being fixed, rather than pulled?

As do SuSe, Mandrake, RedHad ? Huh? ALS

I beleive driver release by company such as Creative, ATI, NVIDIA are binary only. If I’m mistaken one thing for sure is that these driver comes with no support and most of all no documentation. Hence if you were to write a driver for it, you’d be walking on thing ice.

Live driver I beleive are pulled for the same reason. I think QSS made a driver based on informal information to make people like you happy. It’s probably been a mess to support all the various flavor of Live card and was thus pulled.

Come on, why would you think QSS would pull driver for such popular audio card. For fun?

The reason the SBLive! was pulled was due to Creative not keeping the default initlization of the cards the same between firmware revs. So it was always a game of catch-up and tweak the driver to match various different cards at different rev. levels. Since we couldn’t say that the driver would work on a given set of hardware, and since we couldn’t get complete docs for the firmware level, we dropped it.

No SB Live? Ahh, that stinks but luckily QNX supports plenty of sounds cards.

Yeah, but nothing nearly as common as the SB Live!