problem in installing Java

I just installed QNX6.2.1 on the pc-104 stack and now I’m trying to install java 2 SDK 1.4.2
but whenever I run the self-extracting binary, I get the messages as following.

./j2sdk-1_4_2_04-linux-i586-rpm.bin[354]: ./install.sfx.1994781: Can’t access shared library

Any one can help me figure out the problem?

Well first off QNX isn’t Linux, and you’re trying to install a linux binary on a machine thats running QNX. Also Sun’s Java isnt supported under QNX , only IBM’s j9 is as far as i know.

Thanks for prompt reply, I’m a newbie on the linux and qnx
I have a sample c-program, which I have to use to port some programs.
The sample program works on the Linux which has java. Now I’m trying to compile and run the sample program on the QNX6.2.1.
The sample can be run on the QNX6.2.1 but cannot be compiled because java is not installed on the QNX6.2.1 machine(I think)

My question is here,
IBM’s j9 has same functions with sun’s java? do I have to install j9 insteda of java to compile the sample program?


J9 is a sound JVM comparable to Sun’s JVM, except that it’s graphical stuff like AWT, Swing etc. is very limited. SWT is OK though.

You will have to install J9 as your JVM, and get something like ‘Jikes’ for compiling .java to .class.

j9 can be downloaded from here

Thanks theqman and wicked,
Now, I have J9, Jike1.21 and eclipse2.1.3 and a few questions.

for J9,
It has a few directories, do I just need to copy it anywhere on qnx system?

for Jikes1.21, which file and where should I extract to make it work?

for eclipse,
I extracted it to /usr/eclipse. what should I do further to make it work?

Well, I’m not familiar with installing programs on the qnx system.
Please, anyone help me…


You can install jikes from the online repository using qnxinstall.

You can also try using Eclipse as it has it’s own java compiler.