Getting Emacs to work on 6.2.1 edit: OpenSSH question

I know that this is probably a dumb question with a very simple answer but-

I downloaded from the QNX web repository the GNU Emacs [x86] package.

When I try to run it (“emacs” at the terminal) I get

emacs: Cannot connect to X server 127.1:0
Check the DISPLAY environment variable or use ‘-d’.
Also use the ‘xhost’ program to verify that it is set to permit connections from your machine.

I’m not very good with UNIX/QNX to begin with , and am a little confused as to what exactly Emacs wants here. I’m also curious as to why I’m getting an error about connection permissions when i’m running this on the box itself. xhost isn’t installed on my system either.

Can anyone tell me how to get emacs up and running?

Also another question:

I intalled the openSSH package off of the web repository and can SSH out of this box and SSH into it as root. How do I create other users besides root? (neither the useradd nor adduser commands seem to exist)

Sorry for being such a noob =)


For your emacs problem, sounds like you have not got Xfree86 installed, you can get it from the repository.

For making new users, do ‘passwd john’ as root to make a new user called ‘john’.



Xphoton is all you need, not the whole Xfree86 stuff (unless you plan to run X as your windowing system instead of photon).


The QNX emacs is a kind of hybrid between regular emacs and xemacs. It does work very well, tho.

Woo those were some fast and very helpful responses- Thanks guys.