Problems with PtOSContainer

I have a PtBkgd with lots of PtButtons in it, the buttons have alpha-blended pictures in them.

When moving around the PtButtons, and scrolling the PtBkgd the Pictures flickered a lot, so I have put the PtBkgd inside a PtOSContainer. Now scrolling is very smooth, but I now have the following problems:

  1. When moving the PtButtons around using PtInitDrag, and moving the PtButton around in a RAW callback, every other drag event gives it’s position in negative numbers, i.e. X: -22 Y: -66, and every other drag gives the correct position.

  2. When resizing the PtButtons (using a PtSlider), sometimes there are ‘bits’ left on the Ptbkgd which can be wiped away by moving PtButtons over them.

  3. When the PtButtons get bigger (on resizing) the pictures on them disappear, until I wipe a window over my app’s window, on which the icons are drawn, but can just as easily be wiped away using the same technique.

None of the above happened when the PtBkgd was not in a PtOSContainer.

Sorry for the long post, but am I missing something important about PtOSContainer? All I have done is placed my PtBkgd inside it in PhAb, do I need to do something else? I have tried PtFlush() and PgFlush() on resizing the icons, if anything it makes the problems worse.

Help will be much appreciated.


Your best bet is to ask this on the qnx.photon newsgroup @ QSS.