ergent about Momentics

It is my first time today to use momentics IDE PE,and I follow the guidance of “help” to create the simplest “helloworld” program. However, its unlucky for me that I could not debug and run it.

The guidance says"You can build a simple “Hello World” program right now, but you won’t be
able to run or debug it until you have a target system connected. (If
you have a self-hosted system, i.e. your desktop machine is running
Neutrino, you can run and debug your x86 target programs right now). "

Now I have only installed the MOM IDE on a self-hosted desktop machine. and actually I dont understand the meaning of above sentence. Does it mean that I cant run and debug till I connect this PC with another one?

Another question is why I cant see the files after I build it? :frowning:

Yes, you should be able to run if you are self hosted. I guess you need to start qconn (as root, run “qconn” in a terminal) first.

No idea about, you re-built the