Problems with redraw method of SWT

I am an engineer working at INDRA SISTEMAS, an important company which is involved in several economy areas.

Nowadays I am working ina control system using your QNX Momentics PE 6.2.1A (in a x86 PC). SpecificallyI am developing in Java (with J9) and a problem apperars to be detected.

For my application development, I use objects that extends of canvas class.

I implement addPaintListenermethod in order to paint elements in my canvas, but when I want to redrawelements of my canvas, the redraw method is not executed.

In fact, it appears that thereis only a way which allows that redraw method is ejecuted. This is, whena MouseEvent or ShellEvent (or events executed manually) occurs. Then, redraw
method is executed.

How can I get this method executed without generating these events manually?

Thanks you!

Take a look at this article on … Widget.htm