Step-by-step for setting up QNX w/XP Pro?

Is there a step-by-step anywhere for installing QNX 4.25 and Windows XP Pro on the same hard drive using Partition Magic?

Install XP (select something less than the whole hard drive)
Install QNX (it will find the remaining space).

Make sure you install windows first.

If you already have windows installed, you can use partition magic to shrink the partition. Then just install QNX as normal.

You don’t have to create a new partition. If you have an existing partition, use PM with care - it is possible to trash your existing system if you don’t know what you are doing.


This didn’t work. QNX wouldn’t install unless I could select a starting sector of somewhere around 1000 or less. Windows of course was already installed in these sectors.

Could I just install QNX on a 2nd slave hard drive? Would that be the easiest thing to do? If so, how would I choose which drive to boot from (I’ve never used 2 hard drives before).

Partition magic can move the Windows partition, thus you can make room at the beginning.

I Did move the Win partition(some time ago) and XP did not work anymore, so be carefully. With QNX4 I use a second HD and it worked just fine.

You set it up as second HD and it worked fine? I’m surprised, what loader are you using?

Yeah, I don’t think the default qnx4 boot loader supports booting off a second hard drive. And you would have to make sure the boot image referenced the right hd.


Yeah, I’m going to try a 2nd hard drive as well. Thanks.