problem running qconn

I am developing for a Hitachi SolutionEngine board. When running qconn on the target, i get the following error:

Couldn’t initialize listen service: Address family not supported by protocol family

Could somebody please tell me what it means and what i have to do to run qconn. Thanks.

Do you have TCP/IP setup and working?


i am communicating with the board using the serial connection. i also downloaded the image via the serial port. does qconn require a tcp/ip connection?

i am not sure which libraries to include for tcp-ip on my board - the board uses a National Semiconductor DP83902a ethernet controller, and the closest match that i could find for it is the library

i have also included io-net, and devc-pty in my image. what else do i need?

I suspect it means qconn needs a tcp connection (and all the supporting software that goes with it.) You can however successfully debug over a serial connection using pdebug. Take a look at it and the section on “Compiling and Debugging” in the docs.