Slinger and the data server

I don’t know how many people use slinger, or are considering it, but if you are, Martin Zimmerman (camz) , has provided a great explaination of how it all works, with examples over on qnxZone.

If you are interested, you can check it out here:


this is you don’t know plus one.
i myself use it for a knowlegde base whithin our LAN at work and i am quite happpy with it.
anyway, a little more detailed information wouldn’t hurt and i guess i will have a short look at the recommended link right now.

I am considering the usage of Slinger and data server for one of my applications. I would like to know, What are the resource constraints on ‘ds’? Is there a limit on the number of data server variables that could be used at any instance of time?

The link provided above is no longer working.

Awaiting reply,