It would be nice to have a QNX port of :slight_smile:

Sure, but… are you planning to port it? :smiling_imp:

If I had the neccessary skills and time I would, but unfortunately I’m missing both. :slight_smile:

Still no news about OOo I guess…

Would be really great to have it!
Sadly, I don’t have the time to port it myself :frowning:

I beleive OpenOffice make use of SWING (JAVA GUI component) and IBM J9 doesn’t support SWING. So until QSS or a third party supports SWING or Sun starts using IBM version of SWING (AWT I beleive), it’s a no go.

There is a really neat port of Swing to SWT, was a post about it on osnews not long ago, it’d be totaly awsome to port it if you are right mario, however I though OO was c++…

I also thought OOo was C/C++. The Java stuff IIRC is only used to export files into some exotic format for use with handheld computers (Palm etc) and maybe for DB connection.

I would say the best way to start is to port it to X Windows first that way it can run in XPhoton, rather than a native UI build.

Hum looks like it’s in C/C++, don’t know where I got the impression it was JAVA.

Zizban: there are already working X Windows version (linux)

I meant port it to the X Windows on QNX so it can run in XPhoton.