QNX 6.3 in VMWare

Has anyone successfully gotten Neutrino 6.3 to work in VMWare?

I briefly tried Neutrino 6.2.1 in VMWare 4.5.1. The only thing I had to do was to install the VMWare driver for QNX. Performance seemed quite satisfying and I didn’t encounter any problems, except that it took many seconds for “sin” to print its list (did that happen to anyone else?).

However, after having replaced it with an installation of Momentics / Neutrino 6.3 trial, I haven’t been able to boot up. At one point during boot, during which I believe a message is printed about initializing /dev/par, one of the VMWare processes crash – and the rest have to be manually removed to regain the allocated memory.

I’ve tried some tips that I’ve found in various forums – such as booting without Photon, and disabling Plug & Play ISA. That didn’t make any difference for me.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Works for me. I always remove the floppy, you can try that. THinking about it, it crashed once just after I installed 6.3 but it never crashed after that.

That being said I’m not using the release but the last public beta. It’s possible something broke between the last beta and the official release. The vmware graphic driver is included in 6.3.

Removing the floppy seems to have done the trick. It booted up just fine now.

Thanks so much for the help! :smiley:

Any tips on clock synchronization? VMWare for Windows/Linux has a vmware-tools that allows it to keep the clock synched to the host machine. When running QNX, the clock drifts widely for me.

Check out openqnx.com/Article218.html. There is a file you can download, which contain some vmtool related utility.

Mario, did you mean Article182 not 218? If so, I don’t see any files to download? Unless you mean the new video drivers mentioned in the article comments area. But these are supposed to be in the new 630 ISO image, no? I would love to use QNX in VMWare, but the clock drift has always been so bad for me, I haven’t used it much.

It`s 218 alright, the anoncement says “available here”, the word here is a link. Here is a short cut: openqnx.com/downloads/vmware_qnx6.tgz

Thank you :smiley: