Hungarian keyboard files (.kbd, .kdef) for QNX RTP v6.1

Hello Everybody,
My name is Albert Fazakas.
I live in Hungary.
I am looking for the spec. hungaryan keyboard files like hu_HU_102(or 105).kdef and hu_HU_102(or 105).kbd.
Please help me and write to address:

Best regards: Albert

Hi Albert!

I’m hungarian too and looking for a hungarian keyboard layout file. Somewhere on the web I read a topic in which they mentioned a program called “kedit”. This program is for modifying keyboard layout, and as such, I think it can be used to create the files we need.

There’s one big problem: I’ve not found any kedit in my QNX installation :frowning:( I don’t know where to get this stuff, because as far as I’m concerned it should be shipped with the QNX installation CD. (a stupid question, how can I detect the exact QNX version of my system? Is there a command such as “dmesg” under Linux?)

So, I would be very-very happy if someone could help me (us) to solve this problem :slight_smile: I like english layout but writing hungarian emails is not the most convenient without our special character set…



uname -a