QNX 6.3: Where's ssh and perl?

I’m about to port a LINUX based system to QNX 6.3, but right off I can’t get into our CVS repository because it uses SSH and not rsh. So I need ssh on QNX. But to install ssh from the openssh sources, I also need openssl; openssl depends on perl which didn’t install when I installed QNX 6.3. So I went and grabbed the perl sources. Turns out they depend on comm(1) which comes from the gnu “core utils” package which also didn’t install in QNX 6.3. So I downloaded the core utils. It failed to ./configure, complained about not being able to figure out mount points (of all things).

So what I really want, just to start things off, is ssh and perl. Is there a ported version of these already, or maybe a version on the installer CD that I just can’t find?

Many thanks!


On the QNX box, choose ‘Installer’ from the Launch menu, from the app that launches you can install lots of apps from the WWW repository, including SSH and Perl.

I need perl on QNX and can’t get to the Web with my QNX box.