QNX documentation

Exist a place where i can find QNX related use documentation???

Not for developers plz…

What kind for documentation are you looking at. QNX6 is mainly for developpers.

Version 6.3 includes a Neutrino User’s Guide that might help you, but Mario is right: Neutrino is mainly for developers.

Someone should write some docs…maybe a website built by the community.

Yes, something for the comunity

What isn’t documented that you would want to be documented?

I’d like more docs on using PhAb, how to add include paths and stuff, seems to have changed since 6.2.1, so I can’t edit the Makefiles to add paths, but can’t find info on how to get around that.

I don’t know if its in the doc or not, but expecting the community to document it is IMHO a dead end ;-) SteveR is part of the doc team at QNX. I never met him personnaly, but I get the impression Steve really want to do great doc and I’m sure he would really love some feedback from you guys. I think that’s why he hangs around here.

I think SteveR and others /are/ doing a great job of the docs, for almost everything there is a clear explaination and for the complicated stuff there is often an example that makes it obvious how to use a particular feature. I think the only thing that’s really missing is how to workaround changes from 6.2.1 to 6.3, and maybe some examples of how to use stuff like PtRawList, which is much more complicated than the usual listbox stuff. But all in all, the docs at qnx.com are vastly superior to most.

Thanks for the kind remarks – I’ve been blushing for days!

Have you looked at the 6.3 release notes? They have lots of information about the changes from 6.2. I didn’t work on them, but I plan to go over them to make sure that the relevant bits also made it into the docs. If there’s anything that’s still unclear, I might be able to find some answers – and then update the release notes for the website.