redundancy implementation???

i have established network between 2 nodes node-1 and node-2 using ethernet port using Qnet. i can “ls /net/node-2/”
now i have 1 ethernet and 2 serial ports,
Now what i want to do is ,i want to use ethernet for some other work. i want to use my 2 serial ports to pass messages(some information) to the other node-2 , such that if my one serial port fails , the mesage will be automatically sent through the other serial port.
is there a QoS policy(i think redundant is there) for this or is there any other method. if there is some soution please mention the solution .

so basically i want to implement redundancy using serial ports, now that i have established the network.
waiting for help???

You load your qnet something like this:

io-net -d fd fd=/dev/ser1,ahdlc,mac=001122334455 -d fd=/dev/ser2,ahdlc,mac=001122334466 -p qnet ticksize=500

io-net -d fd fd=/dev/ser1,ahdlc,mac=001122334477 -d fd=/dev/ser2,ahdlc,mac=001122334488 -p qnet ticksize=500

Then everytime “ls /net/node-2” will go through both /dev/ser1 and /dev/ser2 (loadblance),
in the event one of the serial link failed, all message will automaticly go to the other link.

But, as I pointed out, use QNET over normal serial link usually ask a lot of problems.

Thanks for the help. Yes, serial is going to be really slow.
That’s why what i wanted to do is create a network using ethernet port
then do something like this :
node-1 is my node
fd=open(/net/node-1/dev/ser1~redundant/dev/ser2),and use ethernet for some other work like message passing across the network using MsgSend().
but i think that is not possible from ur explanation.

can u tell me one thing , if i load qnet using ethernet, is ethernet port is used for message passing msgsend() across the node, and if i use serial to load qnet, seial link is used for message passing in msgsend()

please let me know …
thanks for taking out time for this.