IBV announces Windows XP extension for QNX

IBV announces Windows XP extension for QNX

(04/01/08, 09:18:00 PM EDT)
IBV’s QWin® extends the QNX real-time operating system with Windows XP, allowing them to run concurrently on the same x86 based computer. IBV reports that its technology guarantees deterministic response on interrupts which are targeted for QNX. Windows XP will only be allowed to run if all QNX tasks have stopped executing and the QNX’s idle task has started. From this point-of-view, Windows XP runs as the idle task of QNX since the idle task controls the reactivation of Windows XP.
QNX applications use either a direct shared memory interface, or the TCP/IP-protocol in a virtual network, or transparent system messages for communication between QNX and Windows XP. A shared event mechanism is provided to coordinate reading and writing of the shared memory.

IBV’s QWin technology does not use virtual machine technology or OS time slicing. Whenever a real-time interrupt occurs, QNX runs exclusively until all real-time processing is complete. Conversely, Windows XP has the full resources of the CPU until a real-time interrupt occurs.

QWin will be presented at the ESC Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, California, April 15-17, Booth 2314

For more information, visit www.ibv-augsburg.net