installing software...

ok i dont know how…i am assuming you suse the QNX installer and locate the file but a walk through would be nice…

mor imprtanly how do i uncompress the file i jsut got the cdrecord - binaries off the qnx web site but the are.tgz how do i un compres them (graphically if possible) thanks

to uncompress them, in the Terminal, tar xvzf thefile.tar.gz

The graphicl installer only works with .qpr files


Also, say you download and save your qnx qprs in /home/blah/qnxfiles , you can open package installer and type the path into the location bar at the top and the installer will open that directory.

Someone about a year or 2 ago was working on a graphical front end to zip/rar/arj/tar.gz etc, it was in testing stage when i tried it. Got it off a link posted in #qnx on irc. I have yet to see an announcement that its been released though.

To semi-graphically extract achives, use MC (midnight commander) its a curses based terminal file manager, just highlight the archive and hit enter, and it will let you see whats inside the archive and if needed copy the contents to any specified directory.