QNX RTP - now with expiring license?

What happened to the RTP, that was available for free? Was that superceded by downloading QNX with a license number/key that expires after 4 weeks?


The licence expires, and takes away PE features, but leaves you with everything you had under the older NC edition. At least that’s the idea, mine has not expired just yet.

Sorry - I don’t know what you mean by PE features.

QNX use to release 3 seperate versions. SE, PE, and NC. NC was the free version, SE and PE are the 2 developer versions you would normally have to pay for. 6.3.0’s license key allows you to download and install a “full” version of PE, and after 30 days the “pro” tools/apps of 6.3.0 become disabled and that will leave you with what essentially is a 6.3.0 NC version.

So you get 6.3 PE to test run for 30 days which i think is a great idea btw, then it converts itself into what an NC version would normally include. The OS will still function the same way the free versions always have once the 30 day trial expires.