tty on serial device?

I’d like to set up a serial port so that a session of getty (or agetty, or an equivalent) is running on it: I want to be able to log into the system over the serial port in the event there is no working monitor available or the network is down.

Over in LINUX I got this working by adding a line to the /etc/inittab so that it invokes agetty on the port. I don’t see an inittab anywhere in QNX, so maybe it’s done a little bit differently?



Check /etc/config/ttys.

Thanks for the info. I see entries in that file like:

con1 “/bin/login” qansi-m on

And I see that /dev/con1 is a device. So my next question
would be: How would the first serial port be defined? Would
it be /dev/ttyp0 by any chance?

ttyp0 “/bin/login” qansi-m on



would be defined as /dev/ser1

ser1 “/bin/login” qansi-m on

beautiful! Many thanks!