devi-elo, touchscreen with USB


I have an Elo touchscreen that has a USB controler (2500Uz). Neutrino has a driver for Elo touchscreen (devi-elo) but only works with serial port.

devi-elo  smartset  fd -d /dev/ser1        ;smartset is the protocol for
                                                          ;the Elo touchscreen

Since the driver is accessing the serial port via a file descriptor (fd -d
/dev/ser1), I could avoid playing with the source code of the driver and
simply build a “class driver” for the Elo USB controler. The mouse driver
for USB do exactly that:

devu-mouse    ;the driver install  /dev/usbmouse0
devi-hirun msoft  fd  -d  /dev/usbmouse0

I could modify the USB mouse driver or the USB printer driver to do the same thing:

devu-elo    ;the driver install /dev/usbElo
                 ;(source code from devu-mouse or devu-prn)
devi-elo  smartset  fd -d /dev/usbElo

Does it make sense? :bulb: