Apache, PhP and NC6.3

Hi guys,
Has anyone compiled apache 2 and PhP 5.0 on NC6.3?
Also, did they fix the issue where you need to restart httpd for the php to work?

Tonight I’ve downloaded, compiled and installed Apache 2.0.5 without any problem. Juste modify Group #- 1 to Group #0 in the httpd.conf file in order to launch Apache2 as root user. All is running perfectly.
Regards from Paris :smiley:

Hi Could you get php 5.0 and apache 2.0 running? How did you do that? Any help would be greatly appreciated…

You can use PHP 5.0 as CGI without further effort. Getting mod_php to work with Apache (Which is what you really want to do) is a pain in the neck, but it can be done. I documented this elsewhere at this site a while ago.