Two easy questions...

  1. I just installed QNX 4.25 on a box in which XP Pro resides on one hard drive, and QNX on the other. Can you recommend a bootloader that will boot to QNX? I can’t get Boot Magic 8 to do it.

  2. I can’t get QNX/Photon to detect my mouse. I’ve tried my new Microsoft Intellimouse, as well as the new standard wheel mouse that came with my new Dell desktop. It would detect neither one. Help!

Well i can answer 1 question. Try XOSL for a bootloader. Its been known to be able to boot 30+ OS’s on a single machine, and allows you to swap boot drives, etc. I use it and must say theres nothing around like it. :smiley:

Anyone have an idea for question 2? By the way, thanks wicked!

When I enter “Mouse test” in a pterm, and then move the mouse, I get output to the pterm display, but I don’t see a pointer.