qnx 2 or 3

Hi all, i need to download qnx 2 or 3 version but i don´t see it from
anysite,can anyone help me please? thanks

I don’t think they are available for download. I have never seen any QNX 2 disks, even on ebay. Contact your sales rep and maybe they can help.

Your sales rep can indeed help U. I work for a company that uses QNX2 (3.21, os2.21.atp) in some of its products, which are still being sold today. We purchase licenses from QSSL on a somewhat regular basis, but the OS is copied via a disk duplicator (soon to be Ghost) for each system we send out. I imagine the original systems came from floppy shipped from QSSL, because we still have some of them knocking around.


The last time I discussed this with a QNX agent, they didn’t seem that bothered about proper licenced sales of QNX2, as its not supported anymore.