APM in qnx4

There’re library ftp://ftp.qnx.com/usr/free/tmp/Apm-1.3.tar.gz for doing APM things in QNX4. Does anyone have an experience of using it?

Applied binary (apm) cause kernel fault (4.25H, 4.25O), but recompiling
cause error of indefinite data structure (struct
_proc_pm_control, struct _proc_apmbios_data
, for example). Where can I find these descriptions? Or may be I’m mistaken in something else?

Hi Ilya,
Before you run the apm server, try running the program “apminfo”. It will (safely) show what Proc thinks of your apm setup. Apm requires executing within the bios, which can sometimes be hazardous.

The proc_pm* messages are defined in <sys/proc_msg.h>; there is probably an update of the compiler & tools which has these.

s mcpolin? are you the “steve” who wrote this “Apm-1.3.tar.gz”? great to see you here!


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Does anyone have an updated <sys/proc_msg.h>? I looked in Watcom 9.52 and 10.6 and didn’t see any references to apm messages or structures.