Can't connect to DSL

Just installed QNX6.2

everything went fine, took a bit of fidgeting around to get the USB mouse to work.

Remaining problems: SBLive does not work
and most importantly, cannot establish a DSL connection. All the config was done through photon TCP/IP configuration.
The dialer gets stuck on “contacting server” (at which point the modem (alcatel) will flash periodically) but nothing happens.

Can somebody please help?

I am also an qnxnewbie and also have some SB cards, but i had to make som changes to the config files because QNX installed one type for every PnP signature, which my card (or maybe the ESCD memory) gave several of…
Try to run PS-A and see if there is any IO-AUDIO device installed.
If so, the slay it.
Then look in the qnxhelp for “io-audio” and how to start it with “deva-ctrl-sb” and try that on the commandline.
If that works then you have to add/remove or edit the SB stuff in the file /etc/system/enum/devices/audio so that it will install your card automatically next time.

I have no idea, except that if your ISP doesnt use PPPoE, then you shouldnt use the dialer either.I have erased the dialer from my system since i thought it only was for serial modems. :open_mouth: