how to do shell programming in QNX?

I’m not familiar with QNX and UNIX, though I find many similarities between them. As a fact, there’re so few books about QNX, so I try to learn it from UNIX books.
Now I want to do some shell programming as in UNIX, but the script does’t work.
just as simle as this:
#echo ‘date’
In Unix, the result shall be the output of date command, but in QNX, the result is a string–date, no matter whether “date” or date after echo command.
Can anyone help me how to program in QNX shell? Thx in advance!

The question maybe lies on how to transfer one command’s output to be the other commands’ parameter?

It is not ‘date’ but date
I very much doubt that echo ‘date’ works in UNIX shell …

You can also use:
echo $(date)
as an alternative.


thx a lot for your help!
After that I looked up UNIX help and find the syntax should be `` but not ‘’ or “”, and also get many useful help from unix shelling help.