Getting CPU temperature


I need a tool, that can read and log CPU temperature.
The mainboard is an “Intel SE 440BX-2”
QNX Version 4.25.

Is there any software that can do this?
Voltages, Fan speed would be nice too.
Better would be if I can put this values into a MIB collect it via SNMP.

Any idea? Or any idea where to search for such tools?

Not this this is documented anywhere, but you need to find out what chip is being used for a temperature sensor and where it is located. That information is not generally available anywhere - the BIOS manufacturer “might” be able to help as they usually have access to it.

If the hardware is new enough, and has an ACPI bios, you may want to look at the ACPI source which Intel makes available. The intent is to provide an OS agnostic approach to getting that kind of info. The problems include that the BIOS manufacturers don’t always follow the spec correctly and often the ACPI code is incorrect.

The source for the ACPI support may compile in 4.25. I have it somewhat working in 6.x, but it really depends on whether the BIOS manufacturer supported the features you wanted.


The maker of Motherboard Monitor (MBM), has given up development of the software. One of the reason is the difficulty in getting information from chipset and motherboard maker…

Thanks for the information! Getting the chip type isn’t that difficult. I’m quite new to UNIX / LINUX / QNX things. But I keep on searching ;-)
I had MBM in mind, but it runs on Win32 only?

MBM is Wn32 only, and the author said the source will never be made public because to many NDA involved.

Getting the chip type is not the problem, it’s getting the chip specification that is the problem. You could find some source on LINUX.

There is start point of soirce code

#define CONTROL_INDEX 0x295
#define CONTROL_DATA 0x296

outp( CONTROL_INDEX, 0x4e );
outp( CONTROL_DATA, 1 );

outp( CONTROL_INDEX, 0x50 );
tempr_cpu = inp( CONTROL_DATA );