Problems launching mozilla

Hello everyone!

I installed qnx RTOS 6.2 neutrino (non-comercial) yesterday and i’m having some problems. I configured my internet connection and tryed to launch mozilla by the photon interface (launch - internet - mozilla) and nothing happend. I see some processing occuring at the sistem monitor but the apliccation doesn’t open. I tried to run it by terminal at opt/Mozilla/mozilla/mozilla and nothing happens. I recive no error messages. It’s like as if it runs but doesn’t happens nothing. I tried the following command sh mozilla, and after the processing for a fraction of second i can see the mozilla logo and the it shutdown.
If any one could help me i would apreciate it.
Thanks in antecipation

You might want to check the newer versions from amardare.
Since you are running QNX 6.2, try the QNX 6.2.1 build at

The new version worked!

Thanks for the help Mr Noc!