proxy problem

I have a problem with the connection of my mpc5200 board to the internet. The mpc5200 board is connected over ethernet with my pc. The pc is also used for debugging of the board over ethernet, there is no problem. The board is running Neutrino v6.2.1b
But now the problem: My pc is connected over a dial up network with the internet. To connect the dialup network with the local network I have downloaded a proxy ((CCProxy, Shareware) and installed. I have tested the Proxy with my laptop (instead of my mpc5200) and the connection works fine.
But when I try to access IP-adresses with my mpc5200 board (ping, ftp, telnet) there is no answer. Could it be a problem with a missing entry in the etc/services file?
Between the mpc5200 and my pc I can use ping, telnet and ftp without problems.

Thank you for your help

otto parzhuber

Do the following on the 5200 board

route add default

I assume the problem is that the 5200 doesn’t know that the rest of the world can be accessed by routing through the PC.


Here is a part of my buildfile, the adress of my pc is, but its not possible to access ip-adresses outside of my home pc

## Network driver
## Setup Best Comm (DMA) for on-board ethernet driver
display_msg Starting up on-board ethernet with Large stack and cache
io-net -c1 -ptcpip cache=1 -dmpc5200 mac=00049F00112F

waitfor /dev/io-net/en0 4
ifconfig en0

route add default

if_up -p en0
dhcp.client &
if_up en0

## Flash driver
devf-mgt5200 -s0xff000000,16M

## USB driver
devu-ohci-mgt5200 -a0xf0001000 -i70

## remote debugger
qconn &

## starting syslog
syslogd &

## starting devc-pty

devc-pty &

## start inetd

inetd &

You might want to try moving the route add command down til the interface is up and running - after the if_up en call.


I have moved the route command down after th if_up call but without success.
Could it be that my hub causes the problems?

Try the following commands on the 5200 board:

ifconfig -a
netstat -r

at the same place in the script that you are currently running ‘route add’ and post the results.


thank you for your help, rick.
I’ve solved the problem, it was not caused by my build file or by qnx!
My host pc is running windows xp and there is for dial up connections a proxy included, i didn’t know that… and there is a dialog box with a button to allow my ethernet card the connection to the internet, that was it!