Lame questions again

Hi again guys. I have 2 lame questions. Sorry I have to ask, but I am new to this OS and would really like to have it run “the way I like it” on my pc. So here’s the questions:

  • I have a PS/2 optical mouse, but QNX just won’t run it - it rarely moves the cursor by 1 pixel when I move the mouse but that’s all… And even more, qnx seems to “freeze” for a while after moving the mouse. Fortunately I had an old serial mouse and qnx works fine with it. But why does that happen? what’s wrong? me?

  • I have a built-in AC97 soundcard and downloaded a .qpr file that was named to be an installer for the drivers for that card. However I don’t know what to do with it - the file type is not recognized by qnx, and the installer says it can not use the folder as a repository. What should I do?

I had some trouble running my GeForce4 on a frequency bigger than 60 Hz - the next time I boot qnx, I found it’s working on 60 Hz again. I guess, however, that the problem is minor and will further look for some solution.
Thanks in advance.

Is your PS/2 mouse one with a USB converter? If so, then that might be your problem.

For the .qpr file, type ‘qnxinstall myfile.qpr’ on the terminal, that should work fine.

If running QNX 6.2.1, get evanh’s accelerated VESA driver, that will likely run your GeForce better. I doubt that the accelerated driver with work on it.

no, my mouse is optical but PS/2 not USB. The serial mouse however works fine…

about the qpr - thanx, I’ll try it tonight, when I get home.

I am running QNX version 6.2.0 - maybe that’s the problem?
Or, should I try using the tnt driver mentionned in (the developper part, don’t remember the correct address)

thanx for the reply. :slight_smile:))

The pointer freezing is independant from your other problems. It only affects optical mice. It happens when the mouse is moved faster than it can track the surface. It also consumes 100% CPU in QNX.

A little experimenting reveals that it doesn’t happen using USB instead of PS/2 nor under win98 using M$'s PS/2 mouse driver.