any games for qnx?

i know that qnx is not a gamers os (even less so than linux) but its rocket-fast power could make it popular? so what are the best qnx games? also are any console emulators available.

poker, othello, colums, peg and solitaire and some more are within the OS cd.
there is also PhChess, i forgot where I found it, but i can mail it to you if you cannot track it.
this is to pass the time waiting for more posts from the game-addicted.
regards HELGE

In your dream ;-) QNX6 scheduler makes it really difficult to do game. Scheduler is real-time oriented, that’s not very friendly with typical game application. 3D opengl is limited to one chipset and it’s and embedded chip. I haven’t play it with myself but I would not expect it to perform up to par with today’s standard. Then foremost what’s the point of reinventing the wheel.

By the way the rocket-fast power IMHO comes from the simplicity and lack of feature compare to other OS. Add all the features of other OS and you’ll probably end up being equal or even slower then other OSes. The area where QNX is faster then other OSes is very narrow (but extremly important to some segment of the market).

As for console emulation, there is MAME, that’s all I know of. There was a port of UAE but it’s never been publicly released. I recall something about NES emulator but it’s vague.

wasn’t there quake 3 for qnx in the “Violent Games Package”?

Games run quite well on QNX actually. Quake3Arena, Unreal Tournament run faster than the linux/win32 versions do (although the only supported vid card for those games is a 3dfx).

With SDL you can port/build most any sdl game available…e.g. doom, duke nukem 3d etc found on sdl.orgs website. PhMAME, snes9x, bochs and dosemu also are available.

Browsing these forums have many links to different sites with prepackaged ready to go games for QNX. Look around and you’ll prob find more than you bargained for . :smiley:

Yes and Unreal as well, but they are from the old generation of games.

Try Unreal 2003 on a 3dfx card for fun…

Where did you get the number to back these claims? That contredicted the number and explanation I was given by the guy who did the orignal work on getting Quake3 and Unreal working.

oh well. guess that kills my ideas of splicing together a cheapo qnx-based “console” there shall be no “qbox”

Well doesn’t mean you can’t, but you’ll get a better gaming experience and save money by using commercial console. That being said if the process of building it gives you pleasure then of course none of this really matter!

Mario, well actually the number i came up with was my own experience running Qauke3 on the same machine. QNX/Linux/WinXP and as much as you may not believe it, QNX ran at a better framerate. WinXP was a horrid 20-25fps, linux better at 30-40fps and QNX blazed (not blazing by todays standards but remember this is an old 16 meg 3dfx card) at 45-55fps.

Maybe i just have one of those “mystery” machines, Who knows. Both those “old” games run great for me on 6.2.1, thats all that matters to me. :smiley:

I do beleive you wicked ;-) There is surely an explanation for this (example it’s the first time I heard linux being faster then Windows for a game). My guess is driver for old card like this under Windows are probably not as optimised as today’s driver. How much ram does the machine has?

Also about games, QNX6 doesn’t support any sort of fancy sound hardware support, forget EAX or 4 speakers. It doesn’t mean sound isn’t good or unsatisfactory. But any one that heard something or someone come at you from behind knows what I’m talking about ;-)

The machines specs are: DFI motherboard, AMD Athlon 1.3ghz cpu, 512 meg ram (pc133) and 2 Western Digital HD’s (40 and 20 gig). Nothing fancy as its already super outdated.

As for linux being faster than win32 at games, its quite common actually. I read that winxp limits framerate to 60fps max by default. There is however a tweak/patch you can do to get more fps. Wine and winex have come along way over the years, and a few games even come with native linux support/installers/launchers.

As for fancy sound in QNX i agree. But being able to have sound period is good enough seeing as i only have a pair of 4 inch creative speakers that cost next to nothing. :smiley: