Problems with root login from QNX Image.

I’ve created a small QNX 6.3.0 image using the Momentics System Builder but am having problems when I’m prompted for the login. When I try to login as root (should be no password required), I’m given the error message “: no such file or directory.” I believe my passwd, shadow, and group files are correct but am still having problems. Are there any other places people would suggest looking for problems?

is the login binary within the image? Did you include ksh or another shell in the image.

Maybe you can post some additional information.


Here is a little more info. I have included the login binary and it is located in the /bin directory. I’ve included the sh and fesh shells, but not ksh. Does the ksh shell do anything that is login specific?

what shell does your root account use? (look in /etc/passwd)