VNC QNX6.21 and VMWARE 4 HELP!!!!!

Hi, I’m not only new to the world of QNX but I’m also blond, these two factors really aren’t helping me work out what I’m trying to do…

Basically I want to run VNC on a QNX 6.21 box (Which is running in VMWare 4, this is so I can run it on a copy of GSX server which doesn’t need a gui window on the host for the machine to run hence my requirement to remote control the QNX box). So far I’ve managed to download the 3.3.7 binaries for VNC and untar’d into the default directory but I’m not sure what happens now… I’ve run Xvnc and it reports a fatal server error: Could not add screen. I’ve trawled google for days now but can’t find a handy faq on the subject, just lots of discussions about using other remote control packages instead of VNC and some posts from folks who are running it but nothing on what to actually do to config it. Can anyone help me? (VNC is preferable because I intend to run multiple O/S on the server all with remote control and this seems to be the easiest solution for all the other different flavours… Solaris, Windows, Linux etc). It’s a default install of QNX with the standard Photon desktop. All abuse for being a newbie warmly welcomed as long as it’s constructive ;-)

I remember there is a “vncserver” script to launch the server, NOT just run “Xvnc” directly. Check the documents on for details. VNC on QNX should be any different from VNC on other Unix.