Problem Booting 4.25 from CF

I successfully installed QNX 4.25 on a 1GB CF drive on a small biscuit notebook computer. Now when I try to boot up, it just gets to “Boot Partition 4 Press Esc for alternate OS” and hangs. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Most probable cause is the loader cannot find the .boot file.

  • CF was format with different geometry (sometimes happends if format and boot doesnt happen on same machine and BIOS setting werent similar (LBA)
  • BIOS doesn`t support CF properly (the loader goes through the bios to load the .boot file)
  • When QNX was install the geometry detected by Fsys.eide were different then the one use by the BIOS.

thanks for your reply. i think the problem we have might be the lack of compact flash drivers. does anyone know where you can find these for QNX?