How to get higher video resolution?

Hi All,

Running QNX 6.2 on a laptop - at O/S installation a “VESA” video driver was installed and the resolution is limited to no more than 800X600. There are no other choices when I try to reconfigure it from Photon. Is there something I can do to get up to 1024X768 or higher? In the Video Driver combo box there’s VESA, VESA_90, VGA, and ALL but none of them offer more that 800X600.

Win XP Identifies the display adapter as an Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller and it’s happy to run at 1024X768.


Cincinnati, OH USA

Click the ‘Advanced…’ button and look for some text saying ‘800x600’ and change it to 1024x768, that might do it. You may also want to look at the QNX supported hardware list, that chipset might be supported. If it is, then it may be worth investigating why it’s not detected. I’d also recommend you get evanh’s better VESA driver as it’s loads faster than the stock one.

The Advanced button is disabled. I forgot to mention that. Where is the QNX supported hardware list?

Supported hardware: … index.html