HP Color LaserJet 3500 Printer

Is it any experience to use HP Color LaserJet Printer under Photon 1.14?

Thnak you.

There are many so-called “GDI” printers, especially designed for Microsoft Windows. To save expenses for printer electronics the manufacturers move over all the rendering to the Windows driver running on the PC. The printer gets a simple bitmap of the page. It does not know anything about how text characters look like or how dithering or color adjustment works. Therefore these printers are also called “host-based” printers.

For users of operating systems not supported by the printer’s manufacturer, as QNX, these printers are a big problem. Do yourself a favor and buy a printer that understands PCL or Postscript.

Is Pp.pcl support both HP PCL 5c and HP PCL 6 languages?

It important to correct printer model choice. HP Color LaserJet 2550L
Printer support only HP PCL 6.
Is it Ok for Pp.pcl Photon1.14 PatchD ?

Thank you.

I have tried it. But my understanding is PCL is backward compatible. So if a printer understands PCL 6, it should be able to print old PCL. You can give it a test. If you really want to be safe, you can pick the old PCL 5c.