Another problem creating files in Momentics

Hi All,

Using Momentics Version 2.0 Build 200306021152, I can create a C++
application project but when I click on the Create a File Button and type a
name in the Text Box labeled “Enter or select the Folder” it displays a red
X icon and the message “Names cannot be empty” at the top of the window.
Also the Finish button will never activate. It stays disabled through all
this. All I can click is the Cancel button to close the window.

If I click File / New / Other / New C++ Class / Next and fill in the form,
click OK, then it does create a new class (.cc) file and associated header
file. Should I use this technique to create the main( ) function? I thought
I’d use “Create a File” but perhaps I’m not going in the right direction.

What I’ve been reduced to doing is creating an empty file with the desired source file name, zipping it, and using the Import feature of Momentics to import it into an existing project. Yuk, but it works.

Is there a tutorial or book anywhere that goes into the IDE in detail? I am
using the online help and it’s a little spotty.


Cincinnati, OH USA