Question - Embedded Photon

My target is x86 + DOC. My host is Qnx 6.2.
I had copy all .so needed by io-graphics to /lib on the DiskOnChip.
When I type this from prompt:
export PHOTON_PATH=/usr/photon
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/lib:/lib/dll:/usr/lib:/usr/photon/lib
Photon &
io-graphics -g1280x1024x32 -I0 -d0x1002,0x4c59
Output error message:
dlopen(“”) failed: Library cannot be found.
dlopen(“”) failed: Library cannot be found.
But these library already exists in the directory – /lib on my doc.
what’s wrong?

You are missing some other libs needed by those shared libs. So when the attempt is made to load them it fails. Try setting DL_DEBUG and watch for what libs it tries to load…

export DL_DEBUG=1
io-graphics …

I suspect you are missing,, and some others.