Sort files in PtFileSel


At the moment I’m programming under QNX 4.25 at a filelist (PtFileSel). I’ve puted a PtDivider into the PtFileSel and PtButtons into the PtDivider to create callbacks by clicking on the dividor-buttons(Name, Size, User, Date, …). I want to be able to sort the listed files in the PtFileSel-Widget e.g. by name or date like the Photon File-Manager, by clicking on this buttons. Does anybody know where I can get a source code for this problem?

Thanks, Toni

I think it’s a matter of DIY using qsort() and similar functions, I think even if it could sort by itself, you might be left with undesirable results, if it just sorted alpabetically, then it would be wrong for dates anyway.